The Jardin Magique wallpaper collection is a series of luxury wallcoverings featuring hand drawn peonies, aiming to create spaces that inspire happiness, bring joy, and remind you of the beauty and magic that is you - and that is life - each and every day.

Hand-sketched and digitally-colored peony blooms were designed and conceptualized to inspire a lush lifestyle of free-spirited happiness. Each flower throughout the collection was colored and shaded individually, making each design organically flowing and beautifully unique - just like you.

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Lush Dreams Wallpaper – Peony Magic Collection

Lisa Batson Goldberg


Lisa Batson Goldberg is the founder and designer of product and lifestyle brand, Lisa Batson Goldberg Designs. Through her passion for interior design and her love of life, she cultivates an aesthetic that embodies her philosophy of living what she calls a Lush Life: A belief that we are meant to live beautiful and meaningful lives, and that together we have infinite potential to create whatever we most desire in life, and manifest whatever our minds can dream up for the good of ourselves, others, and the planet.

A designer by trade, Lisa and her team love to work with designers and clients to co-create beautiful and meaningful spaces.

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“I feel like I’m walking into a magical garden every time I open the door, especially at night when the moonlight peaks through the blinds. Keep making magic. Thank you!”


"The wallpaper is dreamy. The first thing I chose in the renovation was the wallpaper, and everything we picked centred around it. It’s a statement piece, and brings the whole condo to life. There are no words, is pretty much where at every time I look at it!“


"I’m in love with the wallpaper in my new kitchen! The floral motif, soft tones and elegant look create just the vibe I’ve been looking for. My fabulous new wallpaper is a stunning addition to my new contemporary kitchen. Everyone who sees it is blown away!”


To inquire about using the Jardin Magique wallpapers in your next project, need some help finding the perfect wallpaper for your space, or not sure how much wallpaper you need to bring your vision to life, we would love to help!

Splendid Opulence Wallpaper – Peony Classic Collection