We grow in happiness when we grow in life, and we believe that our personal growth has a profound effect on our overall sense of happiness, peace and fulfillment in life.

Each new season we’ll be offering YOU a Growth Gift, to help you cultivate more joy, peace and abundance in your every day life. Our Growth Gift is given to every beautiful human who purchases a product through our website.. because we believe in the power of giving, gratitude and growth.

A Gift for you

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"The wallpaper is dreamy. The first thing I chose in the renovation was the wallpaper, and everything we picked centred around it. It’s a statement piece, and brings the whole condo to life. There are no words, is pretty much where at every time I look at it!“


"I’m in love with the wallpaper in my new kitchen! The floral motif, soft tones and elegant look create just the vibe I’ve been looking for. My fabulous new wallpaper is a stunning addition to my new contemporary kitchen. Everyone who sees it is blown away!”


“I feel like I’m walking into a magical garden every time I open the door, especially at night when the moonlight peaks through the blinds. Keep making magic. Thank you!”

Lisa Batson Goldberg


Lisa Batson Goldberg is the founder and designer of textile and lifestyle brand, Lisa Batson Goldberg Designs.

Through her passion for interior design and her joyful and magical outlook on life, she has cultivated an aesthetic that embodies her philosophy of what it means to Live A Lush Life.

An interior designer by trade, Lisa and her team love to work with designers and clients to co-create unique, beautiful and luxurious spaces that add more happiness to their homes, and lives.

Meet Lisa