Tips for Creating A Fabulous Wallpaper Feature Wall

Oh, hey there Friends!

Creativity is something that many of us often don't feel we have the time for in our daily lives, which is why last week on Instagram, with everyone stuck at home and more time than likely EVER, I figured it was the perfect to ask my followers what topics they're just LOVE to hear about when it comes to home design!

Being the wallpaper obsessed human that I am, I was SO happy to see that one of the first requests that came up (more than once!) was how people at home can go about making a feature wall with wallpaper. So, not surprisingly, I hopped on board with this idea, and here's the video below!


 Here are the 4 Key Points to Consider When Creating a Wallpaper Feature Wall

1. PICK A FOCAL POINT - Have a look around the room and see where you feel the natural aesthetic (and energetic) focus point to be in the space. It doesn't have to be a whole wall. It doesn't have to be the most obvious choice. Just sit back and look at your space, and see what little or big patch of wall calls your attention. Is it a full wall, a shelf, a bulk head, or the ceiling in your space? Get creative and let the wallpaper tell you where it wants to be.

2. FRAME THE SPACE: I love to think of beautiful wallpaper as art. Putting wallpaper on a wall, big or small, can act as a beautiful visual frame for other design aspects in your space, and I love to use to my advantage when designing a space. If you think of the whole space as your canvas, ask yourself how you can use the wallpaper to create a frame around either some aspects, or the entire room design?

3. CHICKEN VS. EGG: Wallpaper can either be the inspiration for an entire room, or it can be a secondary addition to an already existing room. If wallpaper comes first, you can really create freely, pick a vibe and feel and colour and style that excites you and pick all other design elements and furnishings around the wallpaper. If you already have everything but the wallpaper, I suggest pinning up some different options, with different colours, styles and vibes, and seeing which one captures the feeling and experience that you want in your space.

4. PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: When investing in beautiful wallpaper, I always highly recommend that my clients get their wallpaper professionally installed, for a bunch of reasons: 1. To ensure the walls are primed and prepped, and the correct product adhesives and glues are applied, so the wallpaper will stand the test of time (ie: no peeling, rolling etc) 2. The wallpaper will be applied with detail and care to ensure perfect pattern and seam match ups and intricate cuts, so you will be IN LOVE with the visual end product 3. You can ensure that if you want to remove your wallpaper in future, it will be simple and easy, and completely hassle free.

I hope this video offers some wallpaper insight & inspo for your home project, and I would to love to answer any further questions, or post any further videos on this (or any design topics), so be sure and message below if you have any requests!


Big Love, Big Magic & Infinite Sparkles,