4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper For Your Style & Life

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As a designer who loves using wallpaper in design, I LOVE helping my clients pick a wallpaper that not only looks beautiful, but aligns with what their envisioning for the style, vibe and experience they're looking to capture in their home. This means choosing a wallpaper that not only matches their style, but also reflects who they, and how they want to feel in their home.

Here are a few tips for picking a wallpaper that fits your unique style and vibe.

1. Wallpaper Doesn't Need To Be Bold

It's a big misconception that wallpaper in design needs to be dramatic to look good. While there are those, like me, who love going big and bold, a subtle and neutral wallpaper can be just as beautiful, and just as impactful.

If bold or colourful prints don’t capture your heart, turn to more understated options to create the look and feel that you’re after. Perhaps a small-scale print or an abstract pattern feels more natural to you in your space. Or maybe a solid or textured print feels more true to your personal style.

The addition of wallpaper, no matter how subtle, can go a long way to creating a personalized and beautifully curated look in your space.

2. Consider Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper prints add warmth, depth and comfort to any room, and can also add a whole lot of lushness and luxury to any living space.

Wallpapers like  a more traditional grasscloth wallcovering, or wallpapers that have reflective finishes - like our Peony Shimmer Collection - create a layered, dramatic and life-like effect in any space.

3. Taking a More Linear Approach to Wallpaper

These days, there are loads of awesome geometric prints that capture a contemporary and high-energy vibe. In the right space, geometric wallpapers can feel light and fun, and add a playfulness to your room, even if the pattern or color is more subtle.

While many clients often feel like wallpaper creates an overall feminine feel in a space, more linear and geometric wallpaper are a great option for those looking to make an impact with wallpaper, but keep the overall effect sleek and streamlined, while also adding a contemporary feel.

4. Solid Doesn't Have to Be Safe

Choosing solid-colored wallpapers can add a strong pop of feeling to any space.

Solid coloured dark wallpapers can be dramatic and stunning in the right space. Rooms with any combination of tall ceilings, big trims and moldings, or lots of natural light, will be the best rooms to balance the boldness.

Softer colours can also be very impactful when it comes to solid coloured wallpapers. As an alternative to paint, they add a subtle yet unique feel, offering tons more design impact than a coat of paint on a wall. For dramatic of more neutral solid coloured wallpaper, check out our Peony Classic Collection.

If you really want to add impact with your wallpaper, using a solid coloured wallpaper with a sheen can add drama and depth, as the light reflects off the paper to create a brighter and more textured space. Check out our Peony Shimmer Collection for the perfect luminous finish in your space.

If you need some professional design advice to what kind of wallpaper will capture the look and feel you're going for, send us a message - we're always here to help!

Until next time, design a home and life you love 💖

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