Why creativity is so important in life, and not just in creative careers.

Hey There, Sweet Friends!

So, I have to tell you all.. I have really enjoyed the last couple of months, in pretty much every way. I know that this may be a controversial opinion, based on the experiences of many around the world over the last while, but I made a decision very early on that I was going to choose to expand through the unraveling of this global situation, as opposed to shrinking into uncertainty and fear. Myself, and my husband, decided from the very beginning that we were going to stay committed to all the things we usually are committed to - expansion, positivity, growth, generosity, abundance, light and love - and we decided we were going to cease (and even create) opportunities for ourselves, and our life and our businesses to expand and grow in this truly unique time.

One of the (many) gifts that these last couple months has brought is an abundance of time to work on create projects. While I have a creative career, it has still in past felt challenging to find the time (or should I say MAKE the time) to work on my own create projects, in addition to working on clients projects, and running my textile company.

It has been the most magnificent blessing to be reminded of how much engaging in my creative passions (that I had been previously been putting off, labeling as 'less important') has not only created so much joy for me, but it has fueled and nourished me in SO many ways, in work and in life.

Here is a little gem, one of the many micro (and macro) creative projects that have been birthed through this unique and beautiful time. It's a little peak into the studio, and the design process for our Jardin Magique wallpaper

{ Continued from above....} I often say that there is no better day than today to start ANYTHING.. but as an entrepreneur (or anyone, really) it can be easy to feel as though we 'should' be spending our time on all those 'other' things, because there are ALWAYS other things we could be doing. But the longer I work as a creative entrepreneur, and the longer I live as a human being, the more deeply I realize that regularly engaging in creativity just for ME, to nourish my spirit and continue to move forward in alignment my passions and my dreams (outside of the daily creative work that my job entails) is not only important, but absolutely necessary for me to thrive, and feel fulfilled and happy. Creativity is transformative. It is an infinitely important force in myself and my life, that I must feed. And I bet if you asked yourself, it might be the same for you.

When I changed careers a handful of years ago, it was creativity that {literally} brought me to life in a way I had never experienced before. And while not everyone will end up in traditionally creative careers, I believe that creativity can be a doorway to all the joy, peace and purpose we desire in life, and to all the power and potential that lies waiting within each of us. No matter who you are or what you do, creativity is a doorway to the best and most expansive version of yourself.

Engaging in creativity makes me feel connected to my essence in a palpable way. It brings me closer to my dreams, and simply put - it makes me happy.

I love bring things into the world from a tiny weee little thought bubble, and you don't have to be a creative entrepreneur to be creative, or to reap the beautiful rewards of it in your life. Creativity is a doorway to all that lies within each of us.. And every time we call on it, we bring a little bit of our beautiful, divine and infinite essence out into the world, and create happiness for ourselves and others along the way.

So, let's not wait. Let's create.

Whether it's dancing, arts & crafts, cooking, painting, gardening, singning, playing the guitar or whatever else it may be that your soul is calling to do.. Whatever that thing is that you put off because it's 'not as important' as other things. It's the thing that you need to make space for.

Today is the day. To do what you've been dying to. To create what you've been putting off creating. Make the time. Find the Space.

Let's make some magic, shall we?

In Love, Sparkles & All Things Awesome...