Why sometimes I feel like a failure at life...

The morning these photos were taken, I was so burned out and exhausted from my business launch and over-all-biz-hustle that I could barely get out of bed to take part in this beautiful, luxurious (and let's be honest, pricey) photoshoot.

I decided to do this photoshoot on the ocean in Santa Monica (on a rented boat none-the-less) because it was so important to me that my brand reflected not only beautiful images of wallpaper and interior design, but beautiful images of life as well. And to me, ocean and sunshine, freedom and beauty, and magnificent life experiences are distinct parts of my dream life... So I thought at the time that this aligned with the lush and beautiful life I so deeply desire to create for myself and others.

BUT.. In hindsight, I feel that these beautiful aspirational images profoundly missed the mark - in so many ways. While living our beautiful dream lives can absolutely involve sunshine, ocean (and even yachts if we so choose).. living a truly fulfilled, peaceful and joyful life is about what fills our minds and hearts, in the moment to moment of our every day.

This photo humbles me, and reminds me of what I want to, and what I feel I absolutely must share in this precious life. It reminds me of all the things I’ve learned along the way in the past 3 careers and 15 years of active searching for happiness, peace and purpose.

And at the end of the day, after all of the years (and books and courses and coaches and careers) there’s only one thing I know for sure - that Purpose, Peace and Happiness are the Foundation of a Happy Life, not the end result. I know that these things come first from within us, and cannot be brought to the surface by anything (or anyone) other than Our Infinite Selves. We always have all the answers we desire within us, just waiting to come out - in perfect divine timing, in the perfect divine ways for each and every one of our unique and magnificent soul journeys.

This is why looking outside ourselves for the path can be so painful, I believe that the pain of not feeling connected to our truest and deepest self, and the Universal forces that surround us, is the greatest pain of all.

I know what it’s like to feel and know that I am the creator of my life and my destiny, and I also know the utter hopelessness of forgetting this. I know only too well what it's like to live out of alignment with these things - and it's a painful life.

Gratefully, I also know now what it's like to experience a quiet yet profound joy that feels as expansive as the Universe. I know now what it's like to have moments of pure divine inspiration. I know what it's like to feel the Infinite Possibilities of life coursing through every part of me...  And as my journey continues and I learn to follow my inner compass instead of letting someone else make the path, I feel more and more of these moments in my life.

For the most part, these moments of simple, divine beauty in my life didn’t happen on yachts (surprise surprise) - but rather in the humble contemplations and clumsy growth of a constantly evolving human soul.

This photo now reminds me of how often in the last 15 years I've lost the plot, veered off course (and sometimes still do) - and ultimately how I lived for so long in misalignment with my truest self, my brightest light, and infinite power of my higher calling.

I’m sharing this today, because I’m certain I’m not alone...And because we're all worthy of living  our dream lives, whatever they may look like, however luminous and magnificent (and even sometimes unattainable) they may feel.

You're worthy of being happier than you can currently imagine. You're worthy of everything you want, and so much more.

Just know that you already know the path.. because beautiful human, you ARE the path. And nobody knows your path better than you.

Trust Yourself.

Listen to the Inner Whispers.

Heed their Call...


With Love, Gratitude & Sparkles,