I believe that life is a miracle,
and that beauty, love and inspiration are at the heart of it.
I believe that life is pure magic, that YOU are pure magic,
and that each and every one of us have the power to manifest whatever reality we most deeply desire for ourselves in this precious and limitless life.

We are beautiful and powerful beyond our wildest imaginings...
The opportunity to create, to shine - to bloom - and to share our colorful and magnificent self with the world, is a most wonderful and sacred gift.

It is my hope that these beautiful creations - infused with the energies of love, beauty, inspiration, and divine and perfect abundance - may inspire you to share your light, to think big, love bigger, and to see the beauty and perfection in yourself and the world.

May they remind you to shine your light brightly and gleefully every day.
May the essence of their infinite creative spirit bless your home and your life.
May they inspire you to live fully, beautifully, joyfully.
May they help you find the peace I have found in creating them.

You have the power to create whatever kind of fabulous life you dream for yourself. Choose magic and miracles.
Know your power.
Live in Love.

Be your radiant and luminous self, because life is meant to be beautiful.
So, go on then... LIVE A LUSH LIFE.
I dare you.

In Love, Gratitude & Sparkles,