Happiness is what we all strive for in this precious life, and it’s a big part of why we do what we do.

Creating beauty, joy, inspiration and lots of good vibes is a big part of the designs we create, but we also strive to help cultivate happiness in other ways - for ourselves, for others and for a happy planet.

Surrounding ourselves with happiness in our home is a big part of feeling happy in our daily life, and yet we all know when it comes down to it - happiness really is an inside job.
Which is why it's our goal to help you cultivate happiness within your home spaces, but more importantly - within yourself.

So, we created our seasonal Growth Gifts, which is our way of giving in gratitude, sharing the love, and doing what we can to create more happiness for all. We would love nothing more than to share some of this love with you!

In Love, Gratitude & Sparkles,




for every season

We grow in happiness when we grow in life, and we believe that our personal growth has a profound effect on our overall sense of happiness, peace and fulfillment in life.

Each new season we’ll be offering YOU - our awesome customers - a Growth Gift, to help you cultivate more joy, peace and abundance in your every day life. These gifts are things we believe in, and are also a way of supporting aligned businesses, and growing together in community and love.

Our Growth Gift is given to every beautiful human who purchases a product through our website.. because we believe in the power of giving, gratitude and growth.



With guided questions rooted in the pillars of a happy life - including health, career, and relationships - the journal bridges the gap between our human selves and the deeper sense of being so many of us are craving in this modern world. Perfect for the busy go-getter seeking a mindfulness practice that decreases stress and enhances well-being.

The journal invites you to explore ten key elements that capture the full human being experience.


Here's why you'll love this journal:

  • Capture your life vision and focus in on your goals. Unlike other journals that focus on productivity or zero in on hacking gratefulness, this journal helps you reflect on your life holistically and challenges you to dive deeper to uncover your truth.
  • Monthly guided format requires minimal time commitment for maximum benefit. Unlike daily journals, the monthly framework is not overwhelming, and can be seamlessly integrated into busy schedules.
  • Unique inspirational resources and monthly challenges help you cultivate mindfulness and keeps you motivated throughout the year.
  • Start any time. Whether it's the start of the new year, your birthday or another milestone, the journal is not dated so you choose when you want to dive in.


We Love Humanity

We love our planet so much, and all the people who inhabit it. It's so important to us to give to organizations that are sharing the love, helping the planet, and doing amazing things for people who are less fortunate than we are. This is why a portion of every product sold goes to support charitable organizations that have captured our hearts.