My Story

“My designs are a way of sharing myself, and the beauty I see in life, and the world around me. Together, we are infinite in the good we can do, in the possibilities for what we can create, and in the love we can give to ourselves, each other, and our planet. I create so I can share this with all of you.”


I believe that life is magic, that YOU are magic, and that every one of us has the power to manifest whatever magnificent reality we most deeply desire.

We are beautiful and powerful beyond our wildest imaginings. The opportunity to create, to shine - to bloom – and to share our colorful and magnificent self with the world, is a wonderful and sacred gift.

It is my hope, my dream, that these creations – infused with the energy of love, joy inspiration and abundance - may inspire you to love yourself fiercely, to share yourself boldly, to create what you most want to create, to dream bigger than you ever thought possible, to give and receive love with an open and boundless heart, and to see the beauty and perfection in yourself and in the world.
You have the power to become whoever it is you most want to be, to achieve whatever you most want to achieve, to change in the world in magnificent ways just by being you, and to create whatever kind of fabulous life you dream for yourself.

So go on, be your radiant and luminous self, because life is meant to be beautiful and your light is meant to shine bright.

Choose magic and miracles. Embrace your power. Live in Love.

Shine bright, oh powerful one.

I dare you.

In Love, Gratitude & Sparkles,




My Story

My journey into the world of design started in an instant many years ago and thousands of miles away, in India. Having just led a mindfulness and yoga retreat for a group of women in Goa, I was visiting a friend in Chennai, and woke up groggy one morning to a 30-foot wall covered in breathtaking floral wallpaper. From this moment of inspiration and joy, something in me shifted, and I knew my life would never be same.

I became obsessed and endlessly inspired by beautiful wallpaper and textiles, with interior design, and with the possibilities for design to impact our lives for the better.

In the years that followed, I have worked as a designer, and immersed myself in the world of textile design, which has been the most meaningful and magical journey of my life. It has opened me to the infinite possibilities within myself, within all of us, and in the world.


We Love Humanity

We love our planet so much, and all the people and things who inhabit it. This is why it's so important to us to give to organizations that are sharing the love, helping the planet, and doing amazing things for people who are less fortunate than we are.


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