I believe that life is beautiful. I believe that life is magical. I believe that each and every one of us has the power to magnetize, align with and ultimately CREATE whatever reality and life we most deeply desire for ourselves.

I believe that we are powerful beyond our wildest imaginings, and that whatever we feel called to in our hearts, and whatever we can imagine in our minds is a sacred gift, and our responsibility to bring into existence for the benefit of ourselves, others and the world.

I believe that every minute of every day is an opportunity to connect with the Infinite Possibilities within ourselves, the Universe and in this beautiful life.

It is my intention that my creations - infused with the energy of love, joy and inspiration - may inspire you to live beautifully, love fiercely, to dream bigger than you ever thought possible, and to see the beauty, magic and miracles in yourself and the world.

So go on, be your powerful and magnificent self, because life is meant to be beautiful and your light is meant to shine bright. Embrace your power. Live in Love. Shine bright, oh powerful one. Let's make some magic.

In Love, Gratitude & Sparkles,




About Lisa

I am a creative spirit. I love water, trees and spending quiet time in nature. I love cycling, yoga and dancing anywhere. I love travel, the world, and experiences rare and magnificent things. I love cooking, eating and moving my body. I love dreaming, and visualizing and harnessing the power of the Universe every day. I love painting and sketching fashion creations, I love writing and feeling inspired. I love vision boards and big dreams, and spreading light, love and sparkles wherever I go. I love the opportunity to share who I am, and allow the infinite source of creation to flow through me every day.

The world of creative design has opened me to the power within myself, the profound beauty of this life, and the magical possibilities that exist when we follow the callings deep within us. I believe that if we allow ourselves to be lead by the whispers of our deeper self – we’ll find the joy, peace and fulfillment that is available when we own our magnificence, and shine brightly from this place.


We Love Humanity

We love our planet so much, and all the people who inhabit it. It's so important to us to give to organizations that are sharing the love, helping the planet, and doing amazing things for people who are less fortunate than we are. This is why a portion of every product sold goes to support charitable organizations that have captured our hearts.