My Story


I believe that life that life is magic, that you are magic, and that every one of us has the power to magnetize whatever life we most deeply desire for ourselves.

We are powerful beyond our wildest imaginings. The opportunity to create, to shine - to bloom – and to share our magnificent self with the world, is a most wondrous and powerful gift.

It is my intention that these creations – infused with the energy of love, joy and inspiration - may inspire you to life your life fiercely, share yourself boldly, love yourself boundlessly, to dream bigger than you ever thought possible, and to see the beauty, magic and perfection in yourself and in the world.
So go on, be your radiant and luminous self, because life is meant to be beautiful and your light is meant to shine bright.

Choose magic and miracles. Embrace your power. Live in Love.

Shine bright, oh powerful one.

I dare you.

In Love, Gratitude & Sparkles,




My Story

My journey into the world of design started in an instant, years ago and thousands of miles away, in India. At the time, in a completely different career, I felt a rush of something I could not not identify nor ignore. A spark of inspiration greater than I'd known before or could previously imagine took hold, and I decided to follow that spark and see where it led me - and I've continue to follow that spark every day since.

The world of creative design has opened me to the power within myself, the profound beauty of this life, and the joy and peace that is available when we own our magnificence, and shine brightly from this place.

Currently, I live in Toronto and work as a designer of interiors and textiles. My career in design has been, and continues to be, the most meaningful and magical experience of my life. It has opened me to the infinite possibilities within myself, within all of us, and in the world.


We Love Humanity

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