"...means the love of humanity"
Together, we are boundless in the good that we can do, in the love that we can share, and in the possibilities to create positive change and healing for ourselves, for each other and for our planet.

This is why 10% of all profits from Lisa Batson Goldberg products go to organizations that help our earth, and all the people who inhabit it.

Read more below about the causes that have captured out heart:
In Support of Plan International
Around the world, girls continue to face unique barriers that deny them their rights and keep them from achieving their full potential. Because I am a Girl is Plan International’s initiative that supports the youth-led movement for girls' rights and gender equality.


Our magnificent oceans are in jeopardy because of the plastic that we as humans are putting in them, and we all have the power to do something about it! A portion of every order you make on our website goes to support organizations that clean the oceans of this toxic man-made plastics. For every order you purchase on our site, money will go directly to helping to heal our oceans, raising awareness of the epidemic of plastic consumption, and making the oceans save for ourselves, ocean life and future generations to enjoy on this beautiful planet.